Mid-Aki Basho 2018 Review – Musashikuni, Wakaichiro, and Other Lower-Division Sumo Wrestlers

We are now seven days through the Aki Basho 2018!  This means that we are almost halfway done and starting to see how things are shaking out.  In the Makuuchi division, most of the top rikishi (sumo wrestlers) are putting up stellar records, including Hakuho (yokozuna, 7-0), Kakuryu (yokozuna, 7-0), Kisenosato (yokozuna, 6-1), Goeido (ozeki,... Continue Reading →

Live Updates of the Aki Basho 2018

Want live updates of North Americans in the Aki Basho 2018?  Don't forget to follow our Twitter page.  Link here!  We tweet out live results as well as gifs and videos of matches.  So far, Musashikuni is having a good early start, going 2-0 in his two bouts.  On the other hand, Wakaichirō had a disappointing... Continue Reading →

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