Getting Started?

Trying to get into sumo but don’t quite know where to start?  No worries!  Below is a list of pages and links to help you embark on your journey.


SumoTalk –

  • A short list of some essential sumo terms

Wikipedia –

  • A moderate list of relevant sumo terms

SumoForum –

  • An extremely long list of any sumo term you could need to know

Rules of Sumo Matches

Rules of Sport –

  • A brief but well-written summary of sumo rules

SumoTalk –

  • Another brief but well-written summary of sumo rules along with definitions of relevant terms

Reddit –

  • A more comprehensive explanation of sumo rules

Rules of Japanese Sumo Rankings

JapanTalk –

  • Extremely brief description of sumo rankings in the top division

Ozumou –

  • Not comprehensive, but includes important information about sumo rankings

SumoTalk –

  • Detailed explanation of sumo rankings

Wikipedia –

  • Another detailed explanation of sumo rankings

History of Sumo

SumoTalk –

  • Moderate history of sumo

Facts and Details –

  • Longer history of sumo

Other Information

Facts and Details –

  • Good source for assorted information in sumo

Japan-Guide –

  • Some good tips about modern sumo

Other North American Sumo Websites

USA Sumo –

American Sumo –

United States Sumo Federation –


How do North American sumo wrestlers compare to Japanese sumo wrestlers?


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