Recap of the Big Easy Sumo Camp (Winter 2018) – Hosted by Welcome Mat Sumo NOLA Edition

If you read last week or follow me on Twitter, then you know that I absolutely loved attending the recent Big Easy Sumo Camp (Winter 2018), which was hosted by Welcome Mat Sumo NOLA Edition.  The camp was ran by André Coleman and Cody Stout, both of which have ample martial arts and sumo... Continue Reading →

Women in North American Sumo – Who’s Who 2018

The topic of women in sumo has recently garnered notable attention. Much of this conversation started in April of 2018, when Ryozo Tatami, the mayor of Maizuru, collapsed on the dohyo during a sumo event.  Two women rushed to his aid, and they were promptly asked to leave the dohyo while providing emergency medical treatment. ... Continue Reading →

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