Justin Kizzart’s Gold Medal Performance at the US Sumo Nationals 2020 – Men’s Lightweight

The US Sumo Nationals 2020 was quite the event!  Most all the heavy hitters from around the nation attended, and there was drama in the storylines of each division.  My favorite may have been the middleweight division, which had a trio of battles between the middleweight favorite, Edward Suczewski, and the most dangerous man in... Continue Reading →

Dark Circle Sumo on the News!

After my recent post on Dark Circle Sumo, Justin Kizzart was contacted by an Austin-based news affiliate to film a segment on the new sumo club.  That segment is now live!  Here is a link to the video: http://www.fox7austin.com/good-day/dark-circle-sumo-brings-sumo-wrestling-to-texas . It is so awesome to see Justin as well as sumo as a whole getting... Continue Reading →

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