Helen Delpopolo And Ed Sutkowski on CNN – Trump, WWE, and Sumo Wrestling

I assumed that NorthAmericanSumo.com would get a little extra traffic with President Donald Trump attending the final day of the Natsu Basho 2019, but I saw a very large and sudden spike this morning.  I looked at the search terms that drew people to the website and, to my surprise, noticed that almost all of... Continue Reading →

Interview with Helen Delpopolo – United States Sumo Federation President

Helen Delpopolo has long been a competitor of amateur sumo, winning multiple golds at the US Sumo Nationals and performing very well at the World Sumo Championships.  Readers of NorthAmericanSumo.com also know that Helen is the current president of the United States Sumo Federation (USSF) - the primer sumo organization of the USA.  She is... Continue Reading →

Preview of the US Sumo Nationals 2019

The US Sumo Nationals are only a day away!  The event takes place in Kansas City tomorrow, and it will determine the best sumo wrestlers in America.  Perhaps more importantly, it will determine who represents Team USA at the World Sumo Championships, which will take place in Hawaii this year.  It is always a honor... Continue Reading →

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