Musashigawa Beya Confirms that Wakaichiro has Retired

As can be seen in this link, the Musashigawa Beya confirms that Wakaichiro has retired.  A rough translation of the text can be seen below: [Wakaichiro Retirement Notice] Wakaichiro has been working hard as a sumo wrestler for about three and a half years, but he has decided to retire and return to Houston. We... Continue Reading →

Konishiki Claims that Wakaichiro has Retired

Surprising news!  After recent improvements, Konishiki claimed on his Instagram that Wakaichiro has retired!  I am sure that we will hear more about this development in the near future, but we wish Wakaichiro the best of luck in his future.  His sumo brought joy to many, and we are sure that whatever he does in... Continue Reading →

Musashikuni has Retired

In an unexpected event, Musashikuni has retired.  As most readers know, Musashikuni was one of two North Americans currently competing in professional sumo.  He has been a long-time figure in makushita, but he has also struggled with injuries in recent months and years.  It is currently reported that Musashikuni decided to retire due to these... Continue Reading →

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