Dark Circle Sumo on the News!

After my recent post on Dark Circle Sumo, Justin Kizzart was contacted by an Austin-based news affiliate to film a segment on the new sumo club.  That segment is now live!  Here is a link to the video: http://www.fox7austin.com/good-day/dark-circle-sumo-brings-sumo-wrestling-to-texas . It is so awesome to see Justin as well as sumo as a whole getting... Continue Reading →

New Sumo Club in Austin, Texas – Dark Circle Sumo

I had been hearing rumblings about the start of a new sumo club in Austin, Texas, but I am finally happy to report that these rumblings have now become a reality!  One of the best lightweight sumo wrestlers in America, Justin Kizzart, has just started Dark Circle Sumo.  Justin teamed up with South Austin Aikido... Continue Reading →

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