Preview of the US Sumo Open 2019

In addition to the Haru Basho 2019 wrapping next weekend, we also have another exciting sumo event - the US Sumo Open 2019!  The US Sumo Open is one of the two premier sumo events in North America.  Whereas the US Sumo Nationals, the other premier event, is restricted to only US competitors, the US... Continue Reading →

U.S. Sumo Open Medalists in Eight Charts

The U.S. Sumo Open is the premier sumo event of North America.  Started in the year 2001, it has now grown to a spectacle that gathers 4,300 sumo fans in attendance.  While most of the competitors are indeed American, recent years have also seen an vast increase in the number of international rikishi (sumo wrestlers). ... Continue Reading →

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