Timestamps and Links to USA Bouts in the Sumo World Championships 2018

The Sumo World Championships 2018 just wrapped up!  Russia put on an amazing showing, especially their women, but several other countries represented themselves well on the final podium.  These included the typical top-tier competitors of the Sumo World Championships: Japan, Mongolia, Poland, and Ukraine.  The United States was the only North American country to field any competitors, and, while they did not have any rikishi finish in the top four of any division, the U.S. nevertheless had several bright spots.  Particularly, our middleweight and openweight competitors performed very well.  Below is a list of timestamps and links to watch the U.S. matches in the Sumo World Championships 2018.  Just click on the match to be taken to the timestamp in the video.  If you believe that I missed any North American matches, please contact me at NorthAmericanSumo@Gmail.com.

Return to the site next week, as I will be writing up a summary of the U.S. showing.


Men’s Lightweight Match 1 – 36:15

Men’s Middleweight Match 1 – 1:38:45

Men’s Middleweight Match 2 – 1:50:30

Men’s Middleweight Match 3 – 1:56:25

Men’s Middleweight Match 4 – 2:03:15

Men’s Heavyweight Match 1 – 2:38:10

Men’s Openweight Match 1 – 3:25:30

Men’s Openweight Match 2 – 4:45

Men’s Openweight Match 3 – 1:29:00

Men’s Openweight Match 4 -1:31:00

Men’s Team Set 1 – 1:26:00

Women’s Lightweight Match 1- 13:00

Women’s Middleweight Match 1 – 1:13:25

Women’s Heavyweight Match 1 – 2:12:00

Women’s Openweight Match 1 – 2:59:00

Women’s Openweight Match 2 – 3:06:00

Women’s Openweight Match 3 – 3:07:30

Women’s Team Set 1 – 36:30

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