Video of the US Sumo Nationals 2019

The US Sumo Nationals 2019 were held at the St. Joseph Civic Arena in Northwest Missouri last Saturday (2.9.2019), and it was quite the event!  I was extremely impressed with the depth of talent in each weightclass, as very few had an overwhelming favorite.  Also, there were many compelling storylines throughout the day, leaving a lot of drama on the dohyo.  I will write a longer, fuller post that details each of these storylines, which will be posted on the usual update day (Saturday).

I didn’t think that I would be able to watch the event live, but fortunately the amazing Americus Abesamis livestreamed the event on Facebook.  I recorded his livestream and received his permission to upload the videos to YouTube.  Each of them are provided below.  Thank you so much, Americus!  I’m sure that everyone appreciates your contributions to US sumo – I know that I do!

Also, If you’re unfamiliar with the US Sumo Nationals, check out our preview of the event from last week.  Otherwise, feel free to send me an email at if you have any comments or questions, and enjoy the videos below!

US Sumo Nationals Part 1 – Men’s Lightweight and Middleweight

US Sumo Nationals Part 2 – Women’s Weightclasses and Men’s Heavyweight

US Sumo Nationals Part 3 – Men’s and Women’s Openweight

US Sumo Nationals Part 4 – Men’s and Women’s Novices


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