Interview with Ed Suczewski – United States Sumo Wrestling Middleweight

Fans of North American sumo recognize the name Ed Suczewski.  He has medaled at the US Sumo Open in two different weight-classes (lightweight & light heavyweight); he has won gold at the US Sumo Nationals in two different weight-classes (middleweight and light heavyweight); and he has competed at the World Sumo Championships.  Readers of North American Sumo also know that he is the first person to ever win gold in the 220-pound weight-class (now called middleweight) at the US Sumo Nationals, which he achieved only two weeks ago.

Ed is now eyeing gold at the US Sumo Open on March 23rd, which will be followed by the World Sumo Championships later this was lucky enough to conduct an interview with Ed Suczewski, in which he talks about his mindset before competitions, his trips to Japan to train sumo, and even how the United States Sumo Federation is helping spread sumo all across North America. . .and a lot more!

In this interview, Ed mentions the four links that are provided below.  The first is the most important, so be sure to check it out!

Click the YouTube video below to play the interview, which is followed by gifs of Ed’s three favorite matches.  Or, at least, three of his favorite matches.  As always, feel free to contact us at if you have any questions or comments!

Ed Suczewski vs. Aron Rozum – US Sumo Open 2016

Ed Suczewski vs Aron Rozum - 2016 US Sumo Open

Aron Rozum is one of the most accomplished middleweight amateur sumo wrestlers in the world.  He is a multiple World Sumo Championships medalist, winning the silver in 2018.  Ed was able to take him down at the US Sumo Open 2016, adding to the long list of major victories in Ed’s career.

Ed Suczewski vs. Sebastian Videla – US Sumo Open 2014

Ed Suczewski vs Sebastian Videla - 2014 US Sumo Open

In this match, Ed and Sebastian were competing for the bronze medal at the US Sumo Open.  Ed was able to get the victory and the medal, putting the multiple-time South American champion in fourth place.  This was Ed’s first sumo medal.

Edward Suczewski vs. Kena Heffernan – US Sumo Nationals 2018

Ed Suczewski vs Kena Heffernan - 2018 US Sumo Nationals

The final gif was for gold in the middleweight division at the US Sumo Nationals.  Ed was able to force out the perennial favorite, Kena Heffernan, giving Ed his first ever national championship.

On a closing note, I feel that I will have another interview with Ed sooner rather than later.  We wanted to keep this interview around the 30 minute length, so he mentions a lot of very interesting things that I would love to dig into further.  So, be sure to check out in the future to hear more from Ed and his sumo adventures!

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