Rumor Mill

For those who read our recap of the US Sumo Open 2019, you know that the US Sumo Nationals 2019 gold medalist, Robert Fuimaono, did not perform up to his typical standard.  While he was expected to medal in the heavyweight and/or the openweight divisions, he did not medal in either.  I’ve had multiple people contact me with the following rumor, so I thought that I’d share it on the site.

Apparently Robert broke his hand while practicing with the Ukrainians the day before the US Open.  This explains his performance at the Open, but it also raises a more important question: Will Robert be 100% healed in time to compete at the World Sumo Championships 2019?

I believe that he should be healed up, as Worlds is still about six months away.  Nevertheless, it is always difficult to determine when someone will be 100% recovered, rather than just healthy enough to compete.  I’m sure that every American sumo fan hopes that Robert can indeed reach 100%, as he is an extremely talented sumo wrestler for the red, white, and blue.

Lastly, I plan on making a post of the FitCon2019 Sumo Cup for this weekend.  If anyone has any videos of the event, please share them with me!  As always, please email to contact me.  Thanks!

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