Natsu Basho 2019 Results – Musashikuni Mamu

I had high hopes for Musashikuni in the Natsu Basho 2019, and I predicted that he would finish with a 5-2 record.  Unfortunately, this was one of my worst predictions, and he ended up finishing with a 3-4 record.  Believe it or not, this is his third 3-4 record in a row.  What can a rikishi do for a kachi-koshi!?

Musashikuni started really slow with a 1-3 record.  He was able to finish by going 2-1, but it wasn’t enough to move up the rankings.  He will probably drop about 8 to 10 spots.  I very much doubt that he falls back to sandanme, but he will probably be in the makushita 55 to 60 range.  Not the best ranking in the world, but it is better than falling out of the division.

So why did Musashikuni under-perform this time?  I know that this is a sports cliché, but it almost seemed like Musashikuni’s head wasn’t in the match for some bouts.  He didn’t go for some clear openings, and he also allowed himself to fall victim to some telegraphed maneuvers.  In one match, it almost seemed like his loss occurred in slow motion.

I may be biased, though.  I think Musashikuni is stronger and more talented than any other rikishi at this ranking, so there is only so much that I can attribute his losses to (until he reaches the middle of makushita, then it is fair game).  That is why, next basho, I expect him to put his three prior make-koshi behind him, and he will pull out a stellar record. . .I hope!

Below is a table that summarizes Musashikuni’s Natsu Basho 2019 performance, followed by descriptions of his matches.  If you would like to see anything else involving Musashikuni’s performance in the Natsu Basho 2019, please contact me at



Current Record




50 East





48 West





52 East





45 East





53 West





46 West





47 West




Musashikuni Match 1 – Opponent: Higoarashi Yuta

Musashikuni got a good start to this match, and it looked like he was going to grab the victory.  However, he quickly had his momentum used against himself, and he was turned around at the edge.  He had a chance to muscle out, but he instead went for a pulldown and lost by being shoved out.  Record: 0-1.

Musashikuni Match 2 – Opponent: Higonojo Masakazu

Again, Musashikuni got a good start but allowed himself to get turned around.  This time, though, he decided to muscle himself out of trouble and started pushing his opponent around with ease.  Unfortunately, once he got close to pushing for the victory, his opponent got a tight grip on Musashikuni’s mawashi and threw him out for the loss.  Record: 0-2.

Musashikuni Match 3 – Opponent: Goryu Kazunori

Musashikuni got a strong start and didn’t look back.  His opponent tried to get away a little, but Musashikuni pushed him out almost literally with one arm.  Easy looking victory for Musashikuni.  Record: 1-2.

Musashikuni Match 4 – Opponent: Fukuyama Sena

His opponent was smaller, and Musashikuni got a good start.  But, he was a little careless and his opponent was able to pull off a skillful hip toss.  Not a good start at all.  Record: 1-3.

Musashikuni Match 5 – Opponent: Genkaiho Tatsunori

Musashikuni got a good start and a stable base.  He resisted the arm toss, and then he used his footing to force his opponent out.  Still a chance for a kachi-koshi.  Record: 2-3.

Musashikuni Match 6 – Opponent: Keitenkai Kosei

This was a very odd match.  Musashikuni’s opponent appeared to slip at the beginning of the match, and he seemed to be off balanced all throughout.  Alas, Musashikuni couldn’t do anything with it.  His opponent recovered and got the victory.  Make-koshi. . .Record: 2-4.

Musashikuni Match 7 – Opponent: Irie Masato

Woo!  Musashikuni was able to win with strong and agile sumo.  He seemed to have considered going for a pulldown, but then he remembered that he was strong enough to win with a solid pushout.  While it was too late to get the kachi-koshi, he does finish strong.  Record: 3-4.

Musashikuni seems to be more hot and cold than most other rikishi.  When he is hot, he can beat almost anyone.  When he is cold, well, he can be beaten by almost anyone.  I hope that he is able to figure out what makes him hot in certain matches and how to avoid getting cold.  Either way, we will still be cheering him on, and I am sure that the readers of will be too!


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