Nagoya Basho 2019 Results – Musashikuni Mamu

Unfortunately, my recap of Musashikuni Mamu’s performance in the Negoya Basho 2019 will be rather short.  I predicted that he would finish with a 5-2 record.  Well, this was my worst prediction yet!  Musashikuni amassed a 1-2 record before withdrawing from the basho entirely.  This left him with a 1-6 record.  Not what you’d like to see – at all!

For the first two matches of the basho, Musashikuni looked healthy but not stellar.  In his third match, however, it almost looked like he wasn’t thinking about the match whatsoever.  I guess he was just injured at this point.

This is very unfortunate for the young rikishi.  He was already at his lowest rank in quite awhile.  Now he may be at his lowest rank in over three years for the upcoming basho.  I just hope that he can heal up and return to his more typical self. . .



Current Record



Asakinshin Katsutada

4 East





3 West





5 West




Mitozakura Shigetaka

7 West




Musashikuni Match 1 – Opponent: Asakishin Katsutada

The tachiai between Musashikuni and Asakishin was a stalemate, and then Asakishin just kept thrusting for the victory.  Musashikuni didn’t get much offense in at all. Not much else to say about this match, which put Musashikuni’s record at 0-1.

Musashikuni Match 2 – Opponent: Kaizen Takumi

Musashikuni looked like he was playing with a kid out there. I think he had three different chances to win. Instead, he played it safe and won on the fourth chance. This match put his record at 1-1.

Musashikuni Match 3 – Opponent: Oginosho Kenta

I try not to say anything negative about any rikishi, but Musashikuni did not seem to have his mind in the match. . .at all. He had a very slow start, and he allowed himself to be pushed out very easily.  I guess he was more injured than it seemed.  His record was then 1-2.

Musashikuni Match 4 – Opponent: Mitozakura Shigetaka

Musashikuni lost this match by forfeit, as he withdrew from the basho.  He ended the basho with a 1-6 record.  Ouch!

Musashikuni will likely be around sandanme 35 next basho.  I don’t want to jinx it, but I think Musashikuni will be in contention for a 6-1 or even a 7-0 record in September. . .assuming that he is healthy!

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