Brodi Henderson in the Aki Basho 2015

I am still waiting on media to be delivered before I make my next large post.  In the meantime, here is a recap of Brodi Henderson’s performance in the Aki Basho 2015.  This was Brodi’s second basho after his mae-zumo bouts, and he still wasn’t too far removed from competing in American amateur sumo – where he won gold in the openweight division as the US Open.  Quite the accomplishment!  During this basho, though, he was ranked at jonidan 82 east.  Very respectable for someone so early in their career, but far from where he would end up in a short amount of time.

Be sure to check back next week for a larger update.  I hope to be posting an interview with a World Sumo Championships competitor, which will be the first of many interviews with World Sumo Championships competitors to get ready for the big event.  It should be exciting!  If you would like to see any other specific content, please email me at

Brodi Henderson Match 1 Gif – Aki Basho 2015

Kotonoshima Eishin (82 West ; 4-3) –

Brodi Henderson Aki Basho 2015 - Match 1

Brodi Henderson Match 2 Gif – Aki Basho 2015

Kotomiyakyra Daisuke (81 West ; 4-3) –

Brodi Henderson Aki Basho 2015 - Match 2

Brodi Henderson Match 3 Gif – Aki Basho 2015

Koseki Takuya (85 East ; 2-5) –

Brodi Henderson Aki Basho 2015 - Match 3

Brodi Henderson Match 4 Gif – Aki Basho 2015

Rikiyushi Sho (88 East ; 5-2) –

Brodi Henderson Aki Basho 2015 - Match 4

Brodi Henderson Match 5 Gif – Aki Basho 2015

Tokikaze Shota (96 West ; 5-2) –

Brodi Henderson Aki Basho 2015 - Match 5

Brodi Henderson Match 6 Gif – Aki Basho 2015

Tochitaikai Itsuki (Jonokuchi 8 West ; 5-2) –

Brodi Henderson Aki Basho 2015 - Match 6

Brodi Henderson Match 7 Gif – Aki Basho 2015

Yutsukasa Yuki (Jonokuchi 20 West ; 7-0) –

Brodi Henderson Aki Basho 2015 - Match 7

For most of these matches, Brodi’s performance can be summarized with one word – dominant!  He pushes around his opponent easily in four or five of these matches.  Two or three of his opponents gave him a hard time, which included the last match that he lost.  Nevertheless, he would finish this basho with a 6-1 record, and he would continue to move steadily up the ranks.  Quite the joy to watch, even four years later.

As mentioned, don’t forget to check back again next week for an exciting interview!

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