US Sumo Nationals 2020 Starting Momentarily!

The US Sumo Nationals 2020 are today!  As readers likely know, this is the primary US-only sumo event of the year.  The best of the best will be competing for the opportunity to represent Team USA at the Sumo World Championships in Poland.  So, a lot is on the line!

As I find new information, I will be posting it to our Twitter page, found here, as well as on, found here.  Be sure to check these two sources throughout the day, but also please contact us if you find any information yourself.

Lastly, below is a very brief rundown of what to expect in each weightclass. . .assuming that the expected competitors attend Nationals this year.

Men’s Weightclasses


  • Cornelius Booker – He won the gold last year, so he is the favorite again this year.  Cornelius may be the hardest working man in American sumo.  It is safe to say that his skills will be even sharper than last year.
  • Justin Kizzart – He has won gold at Nationals before, and he surely has a fire to beat Cornelius after last year.  Can his extra motivation lead him to victory?


  • Edward Suczewski – He was 2019’s North American Senshu of the year, and he has the best odds to win gold out of any division.  It would probably be the biggest upset of the day if he does not grab gold.

Light Heavyweight

  • Kena Heffernan – He has been a force in North American sumo for quite awhile, and his winning streak doesn’t appear to be ending anytime soon.  He still has the power and skills, which makes him the favorite to win gold.
  • Jacob Gill – If anyone can beat Kena, however, it is Jacob.  He can equal Kena in strength, and he has surly been practicing to best him in skill.  We will see how much the last year has paid off for him.


  • Robert Fuimaono – The Samoan Bulldozer came close last year against Roy Sims, but fell barely short in the end.  With Roy reportedly retired (although that may not be the case?), it is natural to see Robert as the favorite.
  • Daniel Avila – Daniel has given other heavyweights trouble in recent events.  He is strong and more agile than typical heavyweights, and it seems to only be a matter of time before he can get some victories against competitors like Robert.  It is exciting to see whether this year is the year.
  • Jose Galindo – The biggest surprise at the US Open 2019 was the performance of Jose.  He came out of nowhere to win silver, but I do not know whether he will be at the US Sumo Nationals 2020.  If he is, he may even be the favorite beyond Robert.

Women’s Weightclasses


  • Ava Chan – Although the Women’s Lightweight is the most balanced weightclass among its competitors, Ava won gold last year and she is thereby the favorite for this year.  She is also very young, and I am sure that she has been practicing in the past year.
  • Candice Herman – Candice won silver last year in her first appearance at the US Sumo Nationals.  After shaking the first-time jitters, can she win gold this year?
  • Everyone Else – There are so many possibilities at the lightweight division, it is difficult to tell if someone else will come from the field and grab victory.  It could be anyone’s game today!


  • Morgan Chateau – Morgan has been a top competitor for a few years, and she is always the woman to beat at middleweight.  I think someone could beat her this year for gold, but she still has the best chance to win.
  • Vanessa Flanders – At the US Sumo Nationals 2019, Morgan and Vanessa were almost equal competition, but Morgan was barely able to edge her out in the end.  Nevertheless, this year could be Vanessa’s year, and she has a good chance at gold.

Light Heavyweight

  • Cody Stout – Cody won gold last year, and I am sure that she’ll want to keep it this way.  I don’t know if anyone else is moving to this division, but it will be a good fight either way!


  • Mariah Holmes – Mariah was 2019’s North American Senshu of the year, and she is the best woman in North American sumo.  She is certainly the favorite of all the women at the US Sumo Nationals 2020, and I will be very surprised if she doesn’t get heavyweight gold again.
  • Danna Engelberg – Danna is a great competitor, and she does have a shot to beat Mariah.  Last year, she was able to get silver in this division, but let’s see if she can use her strength to get gold this year.
  • Jasmine Jones – Jasmine is also a great competitor, perhaps being even stronger than Danna.  Jasmine has a chance of winning any competition she enters, and that is still the case this year.
  • Natalie Burns – I don’t know whether Natalie will be attending this year, but she had a great showing at the US Sumo Open as well as the FitCon Sumo Cup.  If she attends this year, she may be favored to beat both Danna and Jasmine – and even have a chance at besting Mariah.

That’s all the notes for this year!  Be sure to check out our Twitter page and Reddit posts for any updates!

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