Cornelius Booker Interview – United States Sumo Wrestling Lightweight

The World Sumo Championships are coming up on October 12-13 in Osaka, Japan. Team USA's representative at the lightweight division will be Cornelius Booker, who won gold at the US Sumo Nationals 2019 to earn his spot. Readers of know that Cornelius is one of the top competitors in American amateur sumo, previously competing... Continue Reading →

Don’t Forget – Georgia Sumo Open on September 21st!

This is a reminder to check the upcoming events page!  The Georgia Sumo Open is on September 21st in Duluth, Georgia.  Last year, it had some of the best competition in America competing against each other, and this year is guaranteed to be the same.  In fact, the Georgia Sumo Open is steadily becoming the... Continue Reading →

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