Cornelius Booker Interview – United States Sumo Wrestling Lightweight

The World Sumo Championships are coming up on October 12-13 in Osaka, Japan. Team USA’s representative at the lightweight division will be Cornelius Booker, who won gold at the US Sumo Nationals 2019 to earn his spot. Readers of know that Cornelius is one of the top competitors in American amateur sumo, previously competing in the US Sumo Open, Georgia Sumo Open, and almost every other event in the USA.  He will be tough competition in the lightweight division at Worlds, and I know that he will do the USA proud.

Cornelius was generous enough to chat with us for an interview, in which he talks about his thought process going into Worlds, Nationals, and even just his daily sumo routine. He also talks about his start in sumo, his future events in sumo, and everything in between.

Click on the YouTube video below to play the video, which is followed by some gifs of Cornelius’s matches.  Please contact us at if you have any questions or comments!

Texas Sumo Classic 2018 - Cornelius and Pearson 2 - Resize by 66 - Optimized
Cornelius Booker vs. Pearson Cooper at the 12th Annual Texas Classic (2018)
Cornelius Booker vs Gabe Unick - Fitcon2019 Sumo Cup
Cornelius Booker vs Gabe Unick – Fitcon2019 Sumo Cup
Justin Kizzart vs Cornelius Booker - US Sumo Nationals 2019 - Lightweight
Cornelius Booker defeats Justin Kizzart to win gold at the US Sumo Nationals 2019



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