Lone Star Sumo 12th Annual Texas Classic (2018) – Review and Results

The Lone Star Sumo 12th Annual Texas Classic was held last weekend on October 13th in San Antonio, Texas.  The organizer of the event, Tom Zabel, is well known in North American sumo circles, and he has done great things to encourage the growth of sumo in the United States.  He hosts many sumo events... Continue Reading →

New Website Page – Brodi Henderson Match History with Video Links

[Author Edit: Although I thought that I was reusing the original header image from a legitimate source, John Gunning informed me that it was actually an image taken by him and reused without his permission. I have removed my original header image by his request, and will replace it when I have the time to... Continue Reading →

Live Updates of the Aki Basho 2018

Want live updates of North Americans in the Aki Basho 2018?  Don't forget to follow our Twitter page.  Link here!  We tweet out live results as well as gifs and videos of matches.  So far, Musashikuni is having a good early start, going 2-0 in his two bouts.  On the other hand, Wakaichirō had a disappointing... Continue Reading →

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