Sumo matches at SubStars, featuring Rumble Johnson and Curtis Blaydes

A jiu-jitsu tournament, called SubStars, recently took place featuring many of  the top grapplers in the nation.  Or more interest to the readers of this website, however, the even also featured several exhibition sumo matches against very surprising competitors.  Among these were the former makuuchi competitor, Yamamotoyama; the US Sumo Open gold medalist, Takeshi Amitani;... Continue Reading →

Men in North American Sumo – Who’s Who 2019

Whew!  Like everyone at this time of year, I am a little overwhelmed with how busy life can be!  Nevertheless, this is my favorite post to write - Who's Who in North American Sumo 2019. In this post, I recap the major competitors at the national-level in North American Sumo.  This post focuses on the... Continue Reading →

Results of the US Sumo Open 2019

The US Sumo Open 2019 concluded last weekend, and it was quite the event!  There were upsets but also dominant performances; there were lopsided matches but also very close contests; there were regulars winning medals but also newcomers winning medals.  Most of all, it was a lot of fun!  All the competitors should be proud... Continue Reading →

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