Sumo matches at SubStars, featuring Rumble Johnson and Curtis Blaydes

A jiu-jitsu tournament, called SubStars, recently took place featuring many of  the top grapplers in the nation.  Or more interest to the readers of this website, however, the even also featured several exhibition sumo matches against very surprising competitors.  Among these were the former makuuchi competitor, Yamamotoyama; the US Sumo Open gold medalist, Takeshi Amitani; former UFC title contender, Anthony “Rumble” Johnson; and current MMA fighter, Curtis Blaydes.  What a list of names!

Fortunately, some videos of the event have been circulating the internet, and I believe the following link is the most complete footage: .  I was impressed with how hard Rumble and Blaydes tried.  I was even more impressed with how easily Yama and Takeshi won!  Hopefully you all enjoy this video as much as I did, and please email me at if you have any requests for future posts.

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