13th Annual Texas Classic Sumo Tournament Results

Well before the Nagoya Basho, the 13th Texas Classic Sumo Tournament occurred on May 18th in San Antonio, Texas, and it was hosted by the Texas sumo king, Tom Zabel.  I had been trying to get information about the results, and amateur sumo all-star, Justin Kizzart, was able to provide some information to NorthAmericanSumo.com.  This... Continue Reading →

Gifs of the Lone Star Sumo 12th Annual Texas Classic (2018)

Two weeks ago, I made a post about the Lone Star Sumo 12th Annual Texas Classic, which was held in San Antonio, Texas.  In the post, I mentioned that I wasn't able to obtain any video footage of the matches.  Well, given that Cornelius Booker competed in the event, I should have guessed that he... Continue Reading →

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