Aki Basho Rankings are Up!

The banzuke has been posed for the Aki Basho!  It is quite a tale of two cities for the American rikishi.

While Musashikuni is the higher ranked rikishi, I am sure that he is disappointed in his ranking.  He dropped quite a bit, and he is now ranked at sandanme 38 west.  This is Musashikuni’s lowest ranking in almost four years!  Let’s hope that he can recover in both mind and spirit, and perhaps he can even get the yusho this basho.

On the other hand, Wakaichiro is ranked at sandanme 67 east.  This is his highest ranking ever!  Wakaichiro has performed very well in 2019, so let’s hope that he can continue his momentum.  A third kachi-koshi in a row would propel Wakaichiro to even higher hights, and he could perhaps even exceed the ranking of Musashikuni.

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