Need Somewhere to Chat about the Haru Basho 2020? Check Out!

With Musashikuni and Wakaichiro retiring, I will be posting less about each basho on, and instead I will be focusing more efforts on general sumo discussion within  For a little over a year, I host the daily discussion threads on /r/sumo, and I try to start some conversation about the lower divisions -... Continue Reading →

Musashigawa Beya Confirms that Wakaichiro has Retired

As can be seen in this link, the Musashigawa Beya confirms that Wakaichiro has retired.  A rough translation of the text can be seen below: [Wakaichiro Retirement Notice] Wakaichiro has been working hard as a sumo wrestler for about three and a half years, but he has decided to retire and return to Houston. We... Continue Reading →

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