Mid-Aki Basho 2019 Update on Wakaichirō

With Musashikuni out, Wakaichirō had to represent all of North America in the Aki Basho 2019. . .and has he ever!  He is at his highest rank ever, and he has had his best performance ever.  Our expectations were high, but he has shattered them!

I won’t provide much commentary for these matches, because they speak for themselves.  Wakaichirō displays his uncanny strength and agility, which is combined with quite a bit of skill in many of these matches.  Also, I have been quite busy preparing interviews to be posted in the very near future.  Two have been recorded with many others coming up soon!  As much as I wish I could write on sumo as much as I want, sometimes my time is limited.

As always, please email me at NorthAmericanSumo@Gmail.com if you have any questions or comments!

Wakaichirō Match 1 – Opponent: Fujitaisei Jukiya

Wakaichiro Match 1 - Aki Basho 2019 with Caption

Wakaichirō Match 2 – Opponent: Kamitani Genki

Wakaichiro Match 2 - Aki Basho 2019 with Caption

Wakaichirō Match 3 – Opponent: Komanokuni Joji

Wakaichiro Match 3 - Aki Basho 2019 with Caption

Wakaichirō Match 4 – Opponent: Baraki Genki

Wakaichiro Match 4 - Aki Basho with Caption

Wakaichirō Match 5 – Opponent: Hitenryu Takanobu

Wakaichiro Match 5 - Aki Basho 2019 with Caption

With five matches down, Wakaichirō’s record is 4-1.  Wow!  That is quite the achievement at any rank, let along his highest ranking ever!  My favorite matches are either the second or third.  His power comes out quite well in the second, but his determination is very apparent in the third.  Let’s hope that his sixth and seventh matches will be even better!

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