Byambajav Ulambayar (Byamba) has passed away

In very shocking and sad news, sumo legend Byambajav Ulambayar (Byamba) has passed away according to his website: .  Every reader of is certainly familiar with Byamba, as he has done more to spread the popularity of sumo in North America than almost anyone else.  He was formerly a Japanese professional sumo wrestler... Continue Reading →

Sumo matches at SubStars, featuring Rumble Johnson and Curtis Blaydes

A jiu-jitsu tournament, called SubStars, recently took place featuring many of  the top grapplers in the nation.  Or more interest to the readers of this website, however, the even also featured several exhibition sumo matches against very surprising competitors.  Among these were the former makuuchi competitor, Yamamotoyama; the US Sumo Open gold medalist, Takeshi Amitani;... Continue Reading →

Musashikuni has Retired

In an unexpected event, Musashikuni has retired.  As most readers know, Musashikuni was one of two North Americans currently competing in professional sumo.  He has been a long-time figure in makushita, but he has also struggled with injuries in recent months and years.  It is currently reported that Musashikuni decided to retire due to these... Continue Reading →

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