Byambajav Ulambayar (Byamba) has passed away

In very shocking and sad news, sumo legend Byambajav Ulambayar (Byamba) has passed away according to his website: .  Every reader of is certainly familiar with Byamba, as he has done more to spread the popularity of sumo in North America than almost anyone else.  He was formerly a Japanese professional sumo wrestler who retired much before his prime, and subsequently he moved to America to represent the sport of sumo.  He is a multiple-time US Sumo Open and World Sumo Championships gold medalist, and he has repeatedly appeared as a sumo wrestler in various American media.  When anyone thought about North American Sumo, the image of Byamba was often brought to their mind.  I strongly recommend that everyone should check out the link above to read about his accomplishments – they are quite lengthy.

North America may never have another representative like Byamba, but I am thankful for the time he spent here.  It is certain that he introduced many to the sport of sumo who would have otherwise never given it a second look.  Most importantly, I have always heard that he was a kind and gentle soul.  For these reasons, he made the world a better place, and we will surely miss the presence of Byamba.

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