Cody Coleman Interview – United States Women’s Sumo Wrestling Middleweight

The World Sumo Championships are coming up on October 12-13 in Japan. Team USA’s representative at the women’s middleweight division will be Cody Coleman (formerly Cody Stout), who won gold at the US Sumo Nationals. Cody co-operates Welcome Mat Sumo NOLA in New Orleans, which has been regularly featured on  They are one of the top sumo gyms in America, and they regularly produce the nation’s top sumo talent – including Cody herself.

In our chat, Cody talks about getting married on a sumo mat, her nerves going into competition, and how she is able to battle to victory.  She also discusses her preparation for competing in Worlds, which will be her biggest challenge to date.  We know that she will do extremely well, and we are very excited to watch her compete.

Click on the YouTube video below to play the video, which is followed by some gifs of Cody’s matches.  Please contact us at if you have any questions or comments!  Also, here are links to Welcome Mat Sumo NOLA’s pages:

Welcome Mat Sumo NOLA Website

Welcome Mat Sumo NOLA Facebook Page

Cody Stout vs Unknown - Fitcon2019 Sumo Cup
Cody Coleman vs Unknown – Fitcon2019 Sumo Cup
Carrie Hubery vs Cody Stout - US Sumo Nationals 2019 - Middleweight
Cody Coleman defeats Carrie Hubery to win gold at the US Sumo Nationals 2019
Cody Stout - US Sumo Open 2015
Cody Coleman vs Unknown at the 12th Annual US Sumo Open (2015)

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