Mid-Aki Basho 2019 Update on Wakaichirō

With Musashikuni out, Wakaichirō had to represent all of North America in the Aki Basho 2019. . .and has he ever!  He is at his highest rank ever, and he has had his best performance ever.  Our expectations were high, but he has shattered them! I won't provide much commentary for these matches, because they... Continue Reading →

Preview of North American Sumo Wrestlers in the Aki Basho 2019 – Musashikuni and Wakaichirō

The Aki Basho 2019 is already here!  I could barely believe that the time has come around already when I saw people discussing it on Twitter.  Where did August go? There are a lot of exciting storylines for this basho.  All eyes will be on the two yokozuna, Kakuryu and Hakuho.  Will Kakuryu be able... Continue Reading →

Nagoya Basho 2019 Results – Wakaichirō Ken

With Musashikuni Mamu withdrawing from the basho, it was up to Wakaichirō Ken to represent the entire North American continent.  And he represented us very well!  At the New Year, Wakaichirō had one goal: to get a kachi-koshi in the sandanme division.  After fighting as hard as he could, Wakaichirō completed his goal with two... Continue Reading →

Nagoya Basho 2019 Results – Musashikuni Mamu

Unfortunately, my recap of Musashikuni Mamu's performance in the Negoya Basho 2019 will be rather short.  I predicted that he would finish with a 5-2 record.  Well, this was my worst prediction yet!  Musashikuni amassed a 1-2 record before withdrawing from the basho entirely.  This left him with a 1-6 record.  Not what you'd like... Continue Reading →

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