Mid-Hatsu Basho 2020 Update – Wakaichirō

Wakaichirō is performing incredibly well!  He is now 4-1, and already has the kachi-koshi!  Great work, Wakaichirō!  To see gifs of each match, check out our Twitter page at the following link: https://twitter.com/NorthAmericanS5 .  We are going to use our Twitter moving forward to give mid-basho updates on Wakaichirō, so be sure to check it... Continue Reading →

Preview of North American Sumo Wrestlers in the Hatsu Basho 2020 – Wakaichirō

It is another basho already!?  Just when I was going to write more posts after the holidays, I unfortunately had a family member pass away.  I had to spend some time away from my hobbies and focus on the family (and work, of course).  Nevertheless, the Hatsu Basho 2020 is well timed.  It will improve... Continue Reading →

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