Live Updates of the Aki Basho 2018

Want live updates of North Americans in the Aki Basho 2018?  Don't forget to follow our Twitter page.  Link here!  We tweet out live results as well as gifs and videos of matches.  So far, Musashikuni is having a good early start, going 2-0 in his two bouts.  On the other hand, Wakaichirō had a disappointing... Continue Reading →

John Tenta – Canada’s Best Sumo Wrestler

My first memory of John Tenta was the arcade game, WWF Wrestlefest.  WWF Wrestlefest was your classic wrestling game; you picked a wrestler to fight a gauntlet of matches, and then finally you're offered a prized opportunity at the WWF championship.  The arcade game was among the first with halfway decent graphics, and the digital... Continue Reading →

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